Protection of consumers' rights and general rules:

  1. The user has a publicly available electronic communications networks and services of free choice
  2. Electronic communications in the field of consumer rights and legal interests protected by the commission
  3. The customer has the right to obtain information about the electronic communications services provided or selected tariffs, during the reporting period, detailed billing information.
  4. Electronic communication service provider shall provide services to their customers by established standards based on the relevant contract. That should include:
    • Electronic communication service providerís name and address
    • The terms and conditions of services of the quality and the inclusion of the term
    • The suspension and termination conditions
    • Elimination of damage
    • Detailed information on tariffs, as well as fluctuations in the updated information
    • Termination of the contract term and extension
    • The provision of services under the contract and of the quality indicators of the degree of protection provided by the failure of compensatory
    • Services related to appeals and dispute resolution procedures
  5. The Commission shall establish and supervise the quality of service delivery by electronic communication service providers
  6. Electronic communication service provider shall provide the toll-free information services to its customers, including billing information and information services debt free and appropriate
  7. Electronic communication service provider shall be responsible to their subscribers free access to emergency services by telephone
  8. Rules for the provision of electronic communications services and consumer protection regulation by the Commission on Legal